Welcome to CS.Sjoy.lol!

This will become a playground for my CSS experiments, but also:

A CSS Webring!

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It's also now the home of a new webring I've decided to set up for those of us who take joy in messing around with CSS :)

Why a webring?

I am enjoying the resurgence of old-web nostalgia, and think it's fun to just land on interesting websites without being funnelled through social media, or searching for them first.

Join us!

Would you like to join the CS.Sjoy.lol webring?

Contact me with the URL you want to add :)

Webring rules:

  1. Sign up if you enjoy playing with CSS!
  2. Add the webring link(s) to your site.
  3. Don't have anything nasty on your site.
  4. Sara gets to decide what "nasty" means!

You can see the full list of webring sites at webri.ng.

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